In an ever faster changing world the chemical-, oil & gas-, pharmaceutical- and other related industries trust more than ever on reliable partners. Partners that understand their industry and the possible risks. ATEXPROOF is one of the most respected & successful suppliers of Explosion Safe products and solutions to prevent explosions wherever hazardous substances such as flammable liquids, gases and dust could occur. ATEXPROOF can identify with these industries and see the crucial importance of safety for people,  protecting the environment and uninterrupted production processes. Our customers primarily include companies from the oil and gas industries as well as chemical-, petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies from around the world. Since 2011 we provide unique specialized Explosion Safe solutions in the following areas:


Enclosures & Signalling       Mobile Equipment          Power Distribution



Lighting                            Heating & Ventilation            Motors & Drives



Automate, Visualize              Control, Switch                  Inspect, Service

& Monitor                               & Connect                            & Maintain



  Since juni 2017 we are BeNeLux Nightsearcher ATEX Lighting distributor.


Hazardous Area Compliance Hazardous Area Compliance
Chemical Mixing and Inspection Chemical Mixing and Inspection


Digital oilfield operation Digital oilfield operation
Installation- & Commissioning Installation- & Commissioning